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2017-18 yearbook orders will be available online starting August 1, 2017.
Click here to order your Goodhue Jr. High Yearbook

Click here to order your Goodhue Sr. High Yearbook

Don't want to order online?
That is okay, o
rder forms may also be picked up from Mrs. Nardinger. 

Yearbook Pick-up
If you ordered a 2016-17 yearbook please listen for announcements about when to pick up your yearbook from Mrs. Nardinger. 

Not sure if you ordered a yearbook, please email Mrs. Nardinger at hnardinger@goodhue.k12.mn.us to find out. 

Forgot to order your 2016-17 yearbook? Additional copies are available for purchase through Oct 31, 2017 or while supplies last. Please email Mrs. Nardinger for details. 

Photo Sharing

Do you have fun photos from Goodhue sporting events, activities or daily happenings? Feel free to share your photos with the yearbook staff!
Photos can be e-mailed to
Please make sure photos are school appropriate. 


Contact: Mrs. Nardinger